Getting Started

All babies need to have ‘double protection’ for their swimming lessons. This means they need to have a swim nappy (Huggies Little Swimmers are a good option) and a ‘Splash About’ costume (see image below, different colours and sizes are available) The ‘Splash About’ costume has elasticated bands around the tummy and thighs to contain any ‘accidents’ that may occur while baby is in the pool.

  • You will also need a  plastic changing mat to lay baby on whilst changing them, and a towel for both of you.
  • A spare swim nappy is always a good idea to have in your swim bag.
  • In colder months we recommend a warm beanie for your baby’s head for after swimming, to keep them warm and protect their ears from draughts.
  • They’ll be hungry after a swimming lesson, so be sure to have something for them to eat after. (Please try not to feed babies for at least an hour before their lesson.)
  • Arrive in good time for your lesson as you’ll be much calmer and therefore baby will be too.

We recommend the Splash About and Swimbest websites to purchase a range of swimwear for your baby:


  • Lessons are 30 minutes long, in a heated pool.
  • The lessons run over school terms which are usually 6 or 7 weeks long, with a week’s break in the half term.
  • There are 12 levels which babies progress through, acquiring new skills in each level .


A 6-week course costs £108.
Payment details will be provided upon registration.