Benefits of Baby Swimming

There are many benefits to baby swimming, but the 3 most important ones are as follows – Physiologically, evidence shows that swimming babies develop their hearts + lungs more than non swimming babies. The general health benefits are also very evident with improved sleeping patterns and better appetites. Emotional development occurs by bonding with your baby through various activities in the swimming class. Baby’s become confident in the water + combined with the exercise aspect of classes it really goes a long way to making your baby a well rounded little individual. Not only do babies develop their confidence, but parents taking them to classes learn to read their signals + handle them with confidence in the water. We believe in empowering you to teach your baby to swim, and achieve this with structured lesson plans and careful explanations for each exercise. Babies all have individual needs + develop at different rates.
At babyH2O we are finely in tune with each baby and parent’s needs, and address them with great sensitivity. Babies love the water, and in a warm pool their progress from a young age will astound you.
By introducing your baby to water from an early age (we take them from anywhere between 8-12 weeks and older) you take advantage of their fearlessness and their ‘diving reflex’ is still very strong. (This is a very strong reflex in babies and involves their air passage closing when their face touches water so no water goes into their lungs – aren’t they amazing?)¬†They spent 9 months in fluid in our wombs – so being in water is such a natural environment for them.
RoPSA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) show that drowning statistics for 0-4 years old in the UK was 12 in 2010. If we can prevent even 1 of these tragedies then we would’ve done our job in teaching your baby to be safe in and around water, and gone a long way to preparing your baby for a world of water.
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