Rae is such an amazing teacher. My 10 month old wasn’t keen at first but with the support of Rae in the pool and phone calls with advice after class my little girl is now splashing away happily. She works miracles!

– Amy 2022


I have been going to Rae with both my boys for almost 5 years
Rae is a little piece of magic! Not only has she taught both my little loonies to swim, she has given them a real love for swimming and the water which is priceless! My husband wanted to take our kids swimming with Rae as he was frightened of the water and didn’t want to pass the fear on to the kids….. I think he enjoys it just as much as the children!
We adore Rae and she is one of the most glorious teachers I have ever come across.

Sadly my youngest is about to start full time school, so our time with Rae is coming to an end, we are desperately trying to think of ways to keep her in our lives….. another baby? ( no chance)
We love you Rae Rae xx

– Jessica 2022


BabyH2O is an incredibly welcoming and supportive experience from start to finish! Rae is a highly skilled and deeply passionate teacher who, despite running multiple classes, takes the time to know you and your child’s individual needs, meaning that they can make personalized progress each week. It has been a joy to watch my son grow in confidence, through fun-filled and informative sessions. I cannot thank Rae enough for her guidance and care.

– Rhiannon and 13-month-old Freddie 🙂 2022


George has been attending classes with Rae for about a year. He has developed endlessly and continues to flourish. I do not know where he would be without Rae, and many other his peers have commented re George’s abilities and how advanced he is.

– Mellissa *mum of George Age 3 1/2 2022


I was recommended to Baby H2o and Rae from our NCT friend who suggested we try it out.
My daughter started when she was 6 months old and now 4 years down the line with both my kids swimming with Rae we have not looked back. Their confidence and skills in the water have come on leaps and bounds and it’s all down to Rae.
Despite the restrictions and set back Covid has brought, Rae has made it her mission to get all the kids back to the swimming levels they needed to be at. She teaches in a methodical but fun way which engages the kids and makes it such a great experience for both parent and child.

– (13/10/2022 Chiu Ying – mum to Poppy & Benjamin)


A fantastic class for introducing my little ones to swimming. The course was fun for the kids and I could really see the progress made over the weeks. Both of our children started swimming at babyH2O and I would highly recommend them.

– Dan / Rowan 2022

I have never been more impressed with a class, I thought it would just be enjoyable way to get my son used to being in the pool, but it is so much more. The lessons themselves are excellent, well structured, enjoyable and genuinely teaching my baby life long skills. What makes the classes extra special is Rae who is a truly charismatic teacher. Worth every penny.”

– Nerys


I’ve been taking my daughter to Baby H2O swimming lessons since she was 3 months old – she absolutely loves it. The classes are small, the pool warm and the instructor Rae is attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. I love the way the classes are loads of fun but are structured so they really teach the babies the basics of proper swimming. My daughter is now 10 months and a real little water baby thanks to these swimming lessons. Highly recommend!.”

– Catherine


My daughter and I started h20 with Rae when she was 10 weeks old. It has been a fantastic way to gain confidence in the water , for both myself and Jess! Rae is a very attentive teacher and I have been amazed at what she has taught our babies to do. I can’t wait to continue with Rae and see Jess develop her swimming skills even more! Thanks Rae.”

– Hannah


I joined the baby swimming classes when my baby was around 10wks old. it was a bit daunting in the beginning but Rae is such a fantastic instructor with a lot of experience that you can’t help but feel in safe hands. My baby us now 10mobths old and he absolutely loves his weekly classes. Swimming is great for their muscle development and coordination and I believe it’s helped my baby a great deal. The holiday inn facilities are good and the pool is warm and quiet. Overall it’s one of the best bonding things I’ve done with my baby and I look forward to our weekly lessons!”

– Cezzaine


We have been swimming with Rae now for 5 months since my baby was 10 weeks old. The classes are great, max 6 per class, and Rae is an amazing teacher. The Holiday Inn staff are very accommodating and the pool temperature is great for the babies. I have recommended Rae to many friends already, and will continue to do so.”

– Sarah


We have been to swimming classes with Baby H2O from the age of 4 months to 3 years and it has been brilliant! The instructors (Rae and Marta) are lovely – very welcoming and caring but ultra professional. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds! Highly recommended!”

– Lorraine


“Jem & I have so enjoyed Rae’s classes she is a fantastic teacher who never fails to run the class with fun and enthusiasm. She shows great gentleness and understanding of all the babies, realising that all the babies respond differently for different exercises and at different stages of their development, and always shows infinite patience, even when at times Jem would spend parts of a lesson crying at the early stages. She explains the exercises in depth, making sure the Mummies understand the reasons for the specific exercises and giving us help all the way, regardless of class size she manages to reach everyone.

Jem was 9 months old when he had a major lung operation and I was determined that he would be as physically fit as I could possibly help him to be before then, Rae gave me her support and encouragement throughout, finding the time to explain additional exercises I could do with Jem outside of the class. She was also there with her encouragement and advise when, 3 months later we returned to class. Jem was a little nervous at times, but we always felt supported and I always feel confident that Rae knows how far to go with a particular exercise without damaging any progress that has been made: Jem is now physically equal to his contemporaries and absolutely adores Rae and swimming in her class. It is the highlight of our week.

I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism both in the pool and also problem solving, out of the pool, with her characteristic good nature, dealing with potentially confrontational situations, Rae diffuses these with ease. She is a fantastic communicator that you can’t fail but to warm to. She is a brilliant teacher and a truly lovely person.”

– Andrea, mum of Jem Osborne – taught from 3months (May 2010) – 18 months (2011)


“I first took my daughter for swimming lessons with Rae when she was 5 months old. As a non-swimmer myself I was quite nervous about the whole experience. I needn’t have worried Rae completely made me feel at ease and my daughter now 14 months old has no fear of the water. I can’t praise Rae enough for her patience, understanding and teaching techniques, she is an excellent swimming teacher.”

– Marianne, mum of Mabel


 “Rae was our first teacher when we started baby swimming, and Liam was so little I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me that a few short weeks later I’d be happy to dunk him under the water and let go! But thanks to Rae’s fantastic approach, explaining how babies are capable of much more than you would imagine and also teaching us the benefits of what we were doing and how they build together to form potentially life-saving skills, there I was, a few weeks in and happily doing so.

Rae’s classes are structured, so I always feel like we were learning something and progressing, yet so much fun for the babies. It wasn’t always plain sailing, a month or two in Liam had a bit of a wobble and cried straight through three lessons. Thinking he just wasn’t enjoying it, I was going to give up, but Rae persuaded me to keep going and suggested that rather than give up, I should bring Liam more often for a few weeks.  Sure enough, after two extra visits between classes, Liam got over his cold feet and baby swimming is now one of our favourite things to do each week. One year on we are still swimming, Rae is still our teacher, and Liam still dances round excitedly each week when he has worked out that we are at the pool!

I couldn’t recommend Rae’s classes more highly. Liam’s swimming class with Rae is the one non-negotiable date in our diary every week”

– Aislean, mum of Liam